About Search FM

Search FM 92.3 Campus Radio is the campus-community Radio of the Federal University of Technology, Minna. Its information, entertainment and education-driven programmes as well as controlled broadcast -content are meant to capture the attention of the student population and the host community of the University.

The campus radio became the harbinger of a liberal and coherent educational broadcast licensing system when the Late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua (GCON) approved and issued a broadcast license to Federal University of Technology, Minna on the recommendation of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on the 4th of March, 2009.

Educational programming coupled with a contemporary entertainment defines the style of broadcasting with which the Campus Radio strives to bridge the information gap between the School authority (Management), the students, and the neighboring communities of both campuses of the institution at Bosso and Gidan Kwano while providing a medium for social integration between the University Management and the students.

The Campus radio creates a medium that enhances positive behavioral change within the university and its environs. Search FM 92.3 campus radio connects the corporate world to the world of academics, through a myriad of listening options, News, Current Affairs, public lectures, Technology updates, Sports, Educational trivias and varied genre of music.

FUT Minna’s Campus radio is poised to surpass every broadcast standard and become a model for educational radio in Nigeria.

Search FM 92.3 campus radio, Federal University of Technology, Minna, reaches the world LIVE via its online streaming facility.

VISION Statement

Create a medium that will enhance positive behavioral change within the university and its environs. Problems such as vandalism, examination malpractice, robbery and cult activities would be tackled head long through educative and enlightenment programmes.

Bridge the huge information gulf between the school authority (Management), students, and the communities around the two campuses of Bosso and Gidan Kwano, thus nullifying the disruptive effect of rumour mongering.

Bridging the information insulation from the outside world surrounding students once they are within the academic environment.

Connect the corporate world to the world of academics. To achieve the highest broadcasting standards through exemplary service provision.

MISSION Statement

“To provide more information to more students per minute per square kilometer than any other medium currently available in the University.”

To create a powerful news avenue that will liaise with the school’s information dissemination mechanism at all levels.

To create “hip” adverts, jingles, infomercials and involve iconic radio personalities in a way that will create a counter-culture to prevailing negative perceptions, through the principles of Behavioral Change Communication (BCC).

To employ the latest technology available to provide cutting edge news at the local and international levels. For example, the use of PODCASTING. We will be working with news agencies of international repute.

To interview leaders in the private sector with a view to understanding the ins and outs of the corporate world and setting students on potential career paths. Create a self-sufficient entity and help build a self-confident youth by providing assistance to creative and talented students

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